self,️  conscious

is an organizational and conceptual framework for sociopolitical self-education.


Self, Conscious is at its most basic a journaling system. It's a method of note-taking and analysis according to three categories of experience and perception: behavioral dynamics, emotion, and inquiry.

It's simple, but the habit of noticing and interpreting key behaviors and reactions is fundamental to cognitive behavioral psychology and mindfulness practices. Self, Conscious is a framework for applying these principles to building skills and knowledge around complex social politics.


Self, Conscious involves three categories of note-taking on everyday life, online and off.

  • Events
  • This is for noticing interpersonal dynamics and evaluating behavior. Ask yourself:

    • What happened?
    • How did I react?
    • Could I have responded in a better way?

  • Questions
  • Where you'd make note of things you want to google later, or to work out something you don’t understand through writing.  

  • Reactions
  • This category is primarily for logging any averse reactions you have. When you find yourself frustrated by a certain discourse, wanting to disagree with someone about a topic that personally affects them, or otherwise at odds, ask these questions:

    • What is annoying me?
    • Why do I feel averse to this?
    • What is the counter-argument?

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